New Program for 2018: Minor in Brain, Body, and Behavior

The Department of Psychology will be offering a new minor, Brain, Body, and Behavior, that considers the behavioral components of understanding brain health. This minor is intended to complement the biology and neuroscience majors housed in Mason’s College of Science, by extending the students’ area of competence to emphasize the behavioral consequences of both normal and abnormal neuronal and physiological processes. These in-depth courses will broaden students’ knowledge in understanding brain and behavior, specifically but not exclusively the cognitive aspects.

Psychology professor Jane Flinn notes that what distinguishes this minor from neuroscience coursework is that it includes a solid understanding of the behavioral aspect of brain health. Understanding the chemistry is vitally important, she notes, but equally so is the consideration of cognition and behavior. This minor looks at the body as an integrated whole, a big picture view with an emphasis on behavior.